Thank you for visiting my website. I realize choosing your agent is a tough decision with a lot to choose from. A little about me. Originally from Houston, I graduated from UT School of Nursing in Houston with a Bachelor's degree. I was a pediatric nurse for 10 years finishing up here in Austin after moving here in 1998. I started my career in real estate in 2002. It might seem like a big switch but I was around real estate through my dad my whole life. I feel I join my need to help people and my knowledge from experience.

I chose Keller Williams for the education. No matter how long you have been an agent there is always something to learn. There are a lot of legal implications for my clients as well as myself. I feel I'm going to get that information first. I also like how the agents support each other & give back to the community. By the way, real estate agents work for themselves and only make money when they personally handle a transaction. I realize a home is a big investment for my clients as well as the emotional impact as well. I put my client's needs first. I'm patient and detail oriented. Another strength I have is I tell people what I think rather than what I think they want to hear.

Buying and selling if a difficult process with a lot of steps. My goal is make the transition as easy as possible. In Texas we have the role of the Buyer's agent. That is an agent that works solely for buyer yet the fee is paid for by the seller. It assures both sides have their own representation & loyalty. I want my clients to find the home that best suits their needs and maximizes what they can afford. If buying or selling a property for investment solely, I want to assist my client in meeting the desired objective.

On selling, I want to get the seller to get the best price for the property and market the property to sell the property at the highest price, with the least hassles in the least amount of time to move on to the next place and assist with that process as well. In my desire to always be honest and let you know what to expect, if you want an agent that uses all of the latest technology and gadgetts, that is not me. But if you want an agent that is really concerned about you and puts your interests first, than that is who you have found. I would be excited & honored to be the agent to work with you on this important process. Lastly to be clear if I recommend someone I do so because I have confidence they will do a good job. I also don't have any personal gain unless I'm referring someone to a licensed real estate agent that specializes in the area that they need.